Frontier Travel

Agency Profile

The Frontier Travel team of specialist advisors deliver authentic and immersive travel experiences
with a focus on unique, private itineraries and VIP travel arrangements. When you book with
Frontier Travel you don’t just work with one advisor, you gain access to a team of collaborative
travel industry experts who combined have unrivalled resources giving them the ability to elevate
every trip.

No matter how complex your travel needs may seem, whether your travel is business or pleasure,
our forte is crafting dynamic and creative plans to suit your specific requirements. In the corporate
landscape, we can facilitate all your business travel demands with particular proficiency in
providing travel services for the Film & Television Industry.

Director, Roland Howlett is passionate about the customer experience and attention to detail and
encourages the team to be attentive, creative and as resourceful as possible. It is because of this,
he is regarded as one of the best in the travel industry.

General Manager, Ann-Catherine Jones is an award-winning travel advisor with over two decades
of experience. Her deep industry connections ensure that our clients receive the very best from
hoteliers, airlines and cruise partners and that her supporting team is the best the industry can

Our advisors strive to get to know you personally, and your needs intimately, then work together
to tailor a journey that will exceed your expectations. From booking to boarding, and throughout
your trip, you will receive the highest level of customer service from our incredibly
well-connected team

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