FBI Travel

Agency Profile

FBI Travel was established in 1993 when Freeway Travel and Balaclava International Travel merged after being in operation as individual organisations for over 20 years. Since the merger, FBI Travel has evolved into a service-oriented organisation with its primary values focused on industry innovation, bespoke travel management and client satisfaction. Much of this success is related to our dedication to personalized service and the superior knowledge base of all our staff.

We are proudly Australian Owned and Operated, so our hands-on ownership and management structure empowers our team to provide tailor-made solutions that directly mirror your needs.  We recognize that every traveller is an individual, with specific travel patterns and demands. Our leadership-driven focus allows us to adapt quickly to change and provides flexibility to situations requiring immediate action.

As a result of the local and global partnerships we have grown, we are in a unique position to be able to combine a multinational’s buying power together with a boutique distinctiveness in service.

FBI Travel has been at the forefront of travel and tourism industry for many years and our passion for this is at the heart of everything we do. From our amazing staff who work tirelessly every day for our clients and suppliers, we focus on providing the best travel service possible – tailoring each interaction with care and dedication.

We pride ourselves on being innovative, caring, business savvy and adaptable. Our team have been able to pivot through the highs and lows of the past few years in a professional strategic way.

Our business includes 3 areas –

  1. Leisure – High end luxury clients, adventurous experiential travellers, as well as family travel.
  2. Corporate – High touch/service SME businesses, NGO’s, Government agencies.
  3. Groups – Large school/gap year programs, Historical and Theatrical groups.

Although together we are one team, by building specialised teams to collaborate with clients and customers in a closer relationship, we ensure a level of service above and beyond the industry standard.

Our Travel Advisors understand the challenges and requirements of different travelling groups and what we need to do to provide excellent travel advice and planning and ensure their experience is the best available.

With the world of travel always diversifying and changing, we strive to position ourselves as the premier luxury agency in Melbourne.

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