Who We Are

CT Partners is a dynamic force in the Australian corporate and premium leisure travel sector. Established in early 2004, the group comprises 21 of the largest independent corporate travel management firms and premium leisure agencies, with a combined turnover of over $1.5 billion. These agencies are among the strongest corporate travel agencies in Australia and their principals are dynamic drivers within the industry. The presence of such a strong group of dynamic business travel focused agencies will allow us to offer the very best in corporate travel service throughout Australia. 



CT Partners is 100% owned by full members and, uniquely in the industry, is committed to complete financial transparency -  supplier payments are passed back in full to member agencies and any profits accumulated distributed back to members in the form of dividends.


CT Partners has quickly mobilised to become the fastest growing group of leading corporate agencies in Australia. 


All our members are dedicated specialists in corporate travel, premium leisure, and where like- minded strong corporate agencies can come together to combine buying power, knowledge and technology.


We have a strong business model to offer corporate agencies and our results demonstrate the value of being part of the group. 


Our commitment to ‘total transparency’ reflects the financial benefits our members receive as all volume overrides are paid directly to our members. And as profits are distributed back to our members, these dividends can offset the initial cost of their membership.